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Phytosanitary Treatment (Fumigation) is a measure to prevent the entry of insects or foreign organisms into countries that do not have predators in their natural habitat. It may be the application of fumigant gases (bromide – CH3Br or phosphine PH3) or treatment of forced hot air (HT) injection into plant products such as coffee, soybeans, corn, peanuts (grains in general), wood, wooden containers, containers , etc.

This type of treatment aims at avoiding, for example, what happened in the lower south of the State of Bahia, with the cacao crop, which in a certain way, caused a disaster in ecological and economic terms in the Baixo Sul Baiano region.

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Fumigation carried out through the use of specific tarpaulin, covered by sandbags, involving all the material to be treated, following strict technical and environmental criteria, so that the applied gas does not escape and the material is treated efficiently, thus correcting possible pests which may be inserted in the treated material. The use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is always necessary, but also the EPC (Collective Protection Equipment), with isolation of this material is necessary, to avoid any problem and throughout this period, the Northeast is proud to NEVER have presented any such problem.


This type of fumigation is the treatment in Containers, where they are analyzed next to the customs terminals, or even in the client's plant, positioning them, providing the safety of the personnel that will carry out the operation, as for the personnel that transits next to the material to be fumigated, isolating the area, combining and adjusting all the procedures, avoiding any problem in the order of contamination, either personal or environmental. This service tends to be safer and more efficient than Câmara de Lona, because it is a totally closed environment.


This treatment is usually done in the silos of the lungs, silos of grain storage, because it differs from each type of silo, the procedures to be adopted, we usually make a previous inspection of the silo, so we can outline the best way to treat this material. We align with the client the date and time of exposure required for successful treatment. With strict criteria of safety, health and environment, we managed to carry out the service, always with efficiency, where we always inform the inspection agencies, such as the MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture), following the guidelines and suggestions of the federal inspectors, for a full satisfaction of the services performed.


This service is carried out in bulk carriers, where always in common agreement between customer and terminal, together with customer representatives, such as agencies and dispatchers, we conduct the service guiding the captain of the vessel and its crew, regarding safety procedures , monitoring the treated material, always providing the best possible support, both for the execution of the fumigation service, and for the product being applied, with 24-hour emergency telephones, email contact, to resolve any doubts and also all the materials that are made available. Ensuring customer and partner satisfaction. We work with the best in the market, because we see that we always have to add, with the description and punctuality that only the Environmental Northeast can provide its customers.

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